Giving Children a Voice

We love to give kids and teens a voice  in the world and a say in their lives. So we set up SuperClubsPLUS in 2003. We’ve recently launched the NEW SuperClubsPLUS3 (SCP3). It’s dedicated to helping young people have their say about all the digital media they use. And it encourages them to get involved as digital creators.

What’s most exciting is that it’s being built by a group of kids who joined the original SuperClubsPLUS when they were 8 years old. Now as adults, they are building their own community. Now that’s giving children a voice!

The Community by Kids for Kids

The NEW SCP3 is a brand new social network created with young people and for young people, to help them safely enjoy the Digital Media. That’s films, TV, games, books, apps and the social media.

KOKO developed SuperClubsPLUS3, working with a group of 18 year olds who had joined the old SuperClubsPLUS back in 2003 when they were just eight. Led by Nous Education, they have grown up with the Internet and digital media and they now run the community themselves.

“It’s so impressive that kids who joined the old SuperClubsPLUS when they were just eight now know so much about how to enjoy the Internet safely. So that they have been able to build and run SCP3 with us.” Carole Hart-Fletcher, Director of KidsOKOnline

SCP3 is protected by Moderators and by KOKO’s new MySafeTXT Community Moderation System, which filters all communications and blocks any unsuitable content.

The New SuperClubsPLUS

In SCP3, members can get involved in creating  digital media. Members can:

  • Win Star Awards as they prove they understand digital safety
  • Build their own Pages around their interests
  • Write their own Reviews of favourite books, films etc.
  • Vote in the research Polls and surveys and have their say.