“Today’s parents are dealing with a new digital generation gap which widens every day as new digital technologies and new ways of interacting with media emerge. Parents need help to keep up with and look after their digital children.” – Carole Hart Fletcher, Director, KidsOKOnline

Bridging the Digital Generation Gap

Our children are growing up in a new digital age culture which is largely hidden from their parents. Many of today’s children and teens surf alone on mobile devices. They watch TV in their own rooms, have private video chats with strangers. They download films that parents never see and listen to music that parents never hear. Many parents, although they might work with computers, are bewildered by the speed of change in the digital world and they just can’t keep up.

Today’s parents are dealing with a new digital generation gap which widens every day as new digital technologies and new ways of interacting with media emerge. Parents need help to keep up with and look after their digital children, and that’s why KOKO works with KidsandMedia.


With charity partners Barnevakten Norway, we developed the not-for-profit KidsandMedia UK project. It helped parents keep up with online safety issues and guide their children and teens so they can make the most of the latest digital and social technologies.

Barnevakten is a well-established and respected Norwegian charity. In 2010 they invited KOKO to develop their KidsandMedia project in the UK. Barnevakten and KOKO share similar goals. We both aim to help children and young people use media in a safe and conscious way. We are pro-media and pro-parent. We work to help parents (teachers and carers) to guide their children through the digital world and bridge the digital generation gap. We both strongly support The Children’s Rights Declaration of the UN.

“Barnevakten and KOKO have, each in their home countries, taken a lead in promoting children’s online safety. Each has earned a high degree of respect and a position of national influence.” – Øystein Samøen, Founder of Barnevakten

Digital Childhoos

Digital Childhood with KidsandMedia – eBook


KOKO’s Role

Together we pursue a joint strategy for developing, co-marketing and promoting each other’s services.

KOKO runs the KidsandMedia UK website, with hundreds of digital media content reviews covering Film & TV, Games, Websites and Mobile Apps. There’s news of research and advice for parents on the latest online and media issues such as cyber bullying and media addiction. There’s pragmatic and practical strategies to help parents with the challenge of starting conversations with their kids and teens around the issues.

We develop strategic support networks and partnerships for KidsandMedia in the UK and internationally and we represent and promote KidsandMedia through:

  • KOKO’s government, local authority, school and academic connections
  • KOKO’s own website and associated sites such as SuperClubsPLUS
  • Social media – with dedicated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels
  • We offer selected KidsandMedia content directly to KOKO’s audiences

We developed a proof-of-concept Kids and Media Global Parents Network – a social network for KidsandMedia members around the world (currently in pilot).

We further developed KidsandMedia UK as a model for replication in other English speaking territories, starting with Australasia.

“The KOKO team has more than 20 years’ experience in building educational online communities and they are dedicated to ensuring the safety of children and young people online. These have  been essential for the international establishment of KidsandMedia. As Directors of KidsandMedia UK and Australasia, Robert and Carole Hart-Fletcher’s knowledge and commitment has contributed to earning KidsandMedia national and international recognition. They have made KidsandMedia a clear voice on children’s safe and educational use of digital media.” – Rune Rasmussen, Editor in Chief, Barnevakten

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Real Influence on Parents, Kids and Teens

The KidsandMedia websites and social media outlets now attract and help a significant number of active parents, carers and teacher. They in turn are empowered to help their children and teens to consciously and safely navigate the digital world.

KidsandMedia has become an influential organization. It is often invited by government and media to comment on policy, planning and trends in young people’s digital media use.

The joint KidsandMedia team has produced and widely disseminated some valuable online and printed content. This has been disseminated in Norwegian, Danish and English (see examples on this page) and used to support thousands of parents’ seminars in Europe..

They also collaborated on the new SuperClubsPLUS. It’s an online community, run by it’s young members. It’s designed to help young people understand digital safety, get the best from the digital media and build their digital competency. This allows KidsandMedia to directly influence and help children and teens as well as parents.

Barnevakten has become a more sustainable charity as it’s sponsors and supporters appreciate the value of it’s content. They value the increased reach it has gained in the UK and internationally and its new channel direct to children.

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