A Global Community

The IGGY community is an online social and academic network for 13-18 year olds across the world, run by Warwick University. IGGY asked KOKO to review its community software specification with regard to child safety and to help with developing child protection policies and procedures. During this process all agreed that it would be more cost effective to use MySafeTXT to deliver the moderation rather than IGGY try to build a system from scratch.

IGGY began implementing MySafeTXT in November 2012 and it continues to be an integral part of IGGY’s moderation procedure.

“MySafeTXT streamlines the process of moderation for me and for our external moderators by gathering all member posts into convenient lists and clearly separating them into categories so they can be quickly actioned.” – Joanna Higbee, IGGY Community Manager

How MySafeTXT works

MySafeTXT is designed to streamline the moderation process. It analyses all text content before it’s published and automatically blocks obscenities, swearwords, racists terms etc. It notifies moderators of any potential incidence of bullying or grooming and it alerts community owners of duty-of-care issues such as talk of suicide, self-harm or real-world abuse. Everything is colour coded to make it quick and easy.

The site looks great and is easy to navigate. The colour coding helps to identify certain things at a glance.” Richard Hale, IGGY Systems Manager

MySafeTXT includes moderation reports that help community managers oversee the work of in-house or outsourced moderators.

The reporting features help me oversee the work of our external moderators who all work remotely and for a separate company. I’m looking forward to using the reports to monitor the growth of the community.” – Joanna Higbee

MySafeTXT is constantly being improved with new features, and refinements.

“We have additional new features in MySafeTXT which will make me and my mods extremely happy and additionally productive.” – Joanna Higbee

Community Owner is in Control

MySafeTXT is a flexible system that can be tuned to meet the needs of different communities.

“We can modify and create wordlists, tuning the tool to suit our community.” – Joanna Higbee

“From a systems admin perspective I feel like I have plenty of control over our delegated moderator accounts and setting these up and maintaining them is relatively easy.” Richard Hale,

Your Dedicated Team

The KOKO team works closely with its clients and is always ready to listen to community owners needs and refine the tool to meet them.

“KOKO has also been extremely flexible for us as we work collaboratively to create and modify features which we feel would enhance the tool and help us better serve our members and expedite the moderation process. The KOKO team are helpful and responsive to us, and together we’re making MySafeTXT into an ever more comprehensive tool—complex in its functionality yet simple to use.” – Joanna Higbee

“For me, I’ve been most pleased with the responsiveness of the KOKO team. Our queries and comments were always answered promptly and with the utmost courtesy. I’m actually happy for the answer to sometimes be “This doesn’t work right now” so long as people are honest with us about when it will work. It’s also great to know that our suggestions and feedback are welcomed and embraced. It’s a collaborative relationship, not like butting heads with a company that doesn’t want to know.”Richard Hale,

Keeping the Community Safe

Most importantly MySafeTXT is helping keep the members of the IGGY community safe.

“MySafeTXT is helping us deliver comprehensive and speedy safeguarding to IGGY and we’re very pleased to use it.” – Joanna Higbee