“We’ve been incredibly impressed with how the KOKO team have dedicated themselves to child safety on the internet.  MySafeTXT in particular is a great product and is leading the way in keeping children safe online.  It’s been a pleasure being part of their journey.”

Dominic Sparkes, CEO, Tempero

WORLD CLASS  “KOKO is dedicated to keeping kids safe online and the software they have developed is tried and tested – and I know no better in use globally.”

Doug Brown, Consultant, Ex Department For Education

“The KOKO team are helpful and responsive to us, and together we’re making MySafeTXT into an ever more comprehensive tool—complex in its functionality yet simple to use.”

Joanna Higbee, Community Manager, IGGY

“Carole and Robert at KOKO have been incredibly supportive in enabling us to establish the online forum. They are committed  to working collaboratively and in  partnership, meeting with the services partners to share and inform regarding key developments. The KOKO team are very flexible in the support and encouragement they offer our team, effectively communicating every stage … Continue reading Kate Hornsby, Children’s Services Manager, Salford Children’s Rights Service

Kate Hornsby, Children’s Services Manager, Salford Children’s Rights Service

“Over the last 20 plus years KOKO’s online communities have kept over two million kids safe online. Not one single child has been hurt. No one, I repeat NO ONE! has such an admirable record of child safety.”

Professor Stephen Heppell

“I don’t know of anybody else, anywhere in the world who has more experience of keeping kids safe online and building seductive, engaging, delightful online spaces for children than the team at KOKO.”

Professor Steven Heppell

“For me, I’ve been most pleased with the responsiveness of the KOKO team. Our queries and comments were always answered promptly and with the utmost courtesy. It’s also great to know that our suggestions and feedback are welcomed and embraced.”

Richard Hale, IT Manager, IGGY

“Barnardo’s is looking to actively engage children and young people online in safe and positive ways that help them to reach their fullest potential. KidsOKOnline have helped us make this dream a reality.”

Silvia Pilotto, Head of Communications, Barnardos

“eModeration has been able to call upon KOKO’s expertise as internet child safety professionals on several projects. They performed safety audits for extremely high profile children’s entertainment brands. I know that KidsOKOnline is an imaginative, professional, completely competent and trustworthy organisation with whom to do business.”

Tia Fisher, Ex Marketing Manager, eModeration