The IGGY community is an online social and academic network for 13-18 year olds across the world, run by Warwick University. IGGY asked KOKO to review its community software with regard to child safety. IGGY decided to use MySafeTXT to deliver the moderation rather than IGGY try to build a system from scratch.


KOKO developed SuperClubsPLUS3, working with a group of 18 year olds who had joined the old SuperClubsPLUS back in 2003 when they were just eight.

Barnardo’s Community

Safe online community for children in the care of Barnardo’s, a leading UK children’s charity.


The Christie wanted to strengthen and extend their supportive connection with Teen and Young Adult Cancer Survivors with an online community to bring survivors together and provides good quality educational support.


Robert and Carole Hart-Fletcher, founders of KOKO, were invited at an early stage of the Pottermore project specification to carry out an in-depth Community Safety Assessment to help specify site functionality, automated moderation systems and human moderation practices.


We developed MySafeTXT to protect children and young people on social websites. MySafeTXT is a software-as-a-service tool which can be plugged-in to any website, allowing the owners to cost-effectively monitor and moderate all user generate content. All user-generated textual content and communications between community members is scanned, and any content containing swearwords is automatically rejected … Continue reading MySafeTXT


With charity partners Barnevakten Norway, we developed the not-for-profit KidsandMedia UK project. It helped parents keep up with online safety issues and guide their children and teens so they can make the most of the latest digital and social technologies.